About Us

PahaQue is a small company with a big passion for the outdoors. Based in Southern California, we have been traveling the world for decades and want to create equipment that helps people enjoy the great outdoors.

We’re parents, pet owners, hikers, off-roaders, mountain bikers, and climbers; often all in the same weekend! We make gear that helps us enjoy our passion for the outdoors without spending undue time, money or worry about our equipment. That means making a shelter that works, lasts and never looks out of place at the campsite, trailhead or just in your backyard.

When we founded the company in 1997, we wanted to address the fact that family and car camping options were often impractical, overpriced and under-designed. We approached designing our shelters from a blank page with the goal of creating gear that is designed with the same focus on quality and longevity as the best expedition equipment but for more approachable trips. From the outset, we incorporated bathtub style floors, all-mesh roofs, extra doors, and windows. Eventually, the industry caught up but we have continued to look for the next innovation to make your weekends more comfortable.

Since we founded the company we have added new tents, shade makers, hammocks, and awnings. We’ve been featured in Outside Magazine, Field and Stream and Camping life and won awards and commendations for our design. Our company is now old enough to drink, but we still have the same love for the outdoors and design that we did when we made that first Pamo Valley tent `in 1997.

Our goal is to make products are simple to use but hard to beat. Every mission needs a base camp, make us yours.

What’s with the name?
Let’s start with how to pronounce it: paa-hah–kay.

Now, what does it mean? We first heard the term from an old rancher, who heard it from his grandpa who heard it from the people who were here in the Southwest when he arrived. It means hello, and goodbye and “happy trails” and “have a good one”. It’s something you might say to someone you meet on the trail.

We hope that you associate Pahaque with quality, consistency, a brand you can trust, and a tent that will take you and your loved ones on some great adventures.