Mask-Glove Combo

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have converted our cut and sew production of trailer accessories to personal protective face masks to help protect you and your family from harmful airborne viral illnesses.

Our Mask-Glove Combo Sets Are Made Of High-Quality Materials, and Feature Matching Colors on the Masks and Glove Cuffs.  


Two Layers of High-Quality Breathable Fabric
Available in Assorted Prints or Solid Black
Washable and Reusable
Comfortable Elastic Ear Straps
Made in the USA


High-Quality Cotton With Non-Slip Coating
Available in Assorted Colors and Size
Washable and Reusable
Made in the USA




Reusable and Washable.

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 NOT RATED by NIOSH or OSHA • DO NOT use in Industrial or Medical settings • DO NOT use for gases or vapors • Does not remove all risks of contracting any disease or infection

*Returns Not Accepted For This Item