PahaQue Tepee Drain Capture Floor

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An important accessory for the Tepee Outhouse. The Drain Capture Floor is designed to catch the gray water or shower runoff so it can be drained into a container, which can then be emptied at an approved dump station. It's designed primarily for use in campgrounds or other areas where shower water is not allowed to touch the ground. Custom-designed to fit the PahaQue Tepee Outhouse; the Drain Floor can also be used separately for washing dogs or bikes or as a general-purpose water catch basin. 


- Fits: PahaQue Tepee Outhouse
- Floor Size: 4 ft 6 in x 4 ft 6 in (20.25 sq ft)
- Color: Black
- Capacity: 20 gallons
- Weight: 3 lbs


- Fabric: High-density 150D polyester oxford weave with heavy-duty polyurethane waterproofing 
- Fitting: 5/8" male hose barb with end cap (Designed to attach to any standard-sized garden hose)

Weight: 3 lb