R-Pod Trailer Visor - Fits All Models

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14mm Keder ships in 2-3 business days, 9mm Keder ships in 7-10 business days. *NOTE – In-stock Visors have 14mm keder. If your trailer has the smaller 9mm keder rail, please select the 9mm option above and allow additional shipping time. (See diagram below for further detail)


The R-Pod Trailer Visor by PahaQue provides shelter over the doorway of your trailer, and easily attaches using the keder (awning) rail installed on the side of your trailer. The Visor provides a protected area to step in and out of your trailer, and allows the use of your screen door on rainy days. Also great for hot sunny days when shade is needed the most.


Size - 12' x 5' Material – 200 Denier Polyester with waterproof and UV inhibitor coatings

Comes Complete With:
Carry bag
One fiberglass pole
2 aluminum support poles
Adjustable guy lines

PahaQue's Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT NOTE - Forest River uses two sizes of keder rail on the R-Pod trailers. Older models (and some newer) may have a smaller keder rail that has an inside diameter of .40" (9-10mm). Newer models have the larger, .563" (14mm) inside diameter rail. A quick way to tell is if your rail appears to have an inside diameter larger than 1/2", you have the newer, larger rail. Additionally, the shape the Visors takes largely depends on the trailer model, and do not all look the same as the above picture.

R-Pod Trailers - All ModelsKeder Rail Inside Diameter

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