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5 Camping essentials you may need this Fall

5 Camping essentials you may need this Fall

Matthew Rogers |

 Ok so summer is over that doesn't mean its time to stop enjoying the great outdoors. Fall is the primetime to enjoy the outdoors, warm days, cool nights, bonfires without sweating, no or limited bugs. Its not time to put a cover on the camper just yet continue exploring, and on the way we have have found 5 camping essentials  and maybe one non-essential we think will make fall 2021 camping memorable. 


 By: Blackstone Products


Blackstone 17" Griddle

Restaurant-ify your camp kitchen with the Blackstone 17" Tabletop griddle. The portable design lets you take everything you love about cooking on a Blackstone with you. You can pan-fry, grill, and griddle without dirtying a stack of separate skillets. (Though if you have to dirty a skillet, I've found this nonstick griddle is the easiest one on the whole earth to clean.
The extra space will also give you license to make larger cuts and quantities of food without worrying that part of your salmon fillet kinda curved up the side of pan isn't going to cook right,
or the 4 pounds of onions you need to caramelize for a dinner party don't have enough room to do anything but steam into mush.
And. And! You can make a 16" pancake!

Pulsefire® LRT

By: Exothermic Technologies
Now with all of this fire and power and drama and selfie potential within arm's reach, I know what you're wondering: what chores and other practical tasks will a handheld flamethrower help me out with enough to justify buying one for what I really want to use if for, which is primarily dicking around in empty parking lots with my friend Cornelius? Good question! The Pulsefire® LRT has many useful applications, such as:
  • Clearing snow and ice
  • Eliminating weeds between pavement cracks
  • Controlled burns/ground-clearing of foliage and agricultural areas
  • Insect control
  • Bonfire starting
  • Ghostbusting
Clearing off snowy steps or taking out a horde of gnats with dragon's breath even sound almost as fun as filming an amateur short entitled Rain of Fire behind the Best Buy.

Cauldryn Coffee Pro ( Available late Fall of 2021 )

By: Cauldryn


 Cauldryn Coffee Pro

  Cauldryn has reemerged with the all new Cauldryn Coffee Pro The All Day Temperature control Travel Mug. In an attempt to address the issues of saving money, supporting green, running late, and being bored, Cauldryn has re-designed its travel mug that maintains hot beverage temperatures between 74°-212° for up to 10 hours.
The Cauldryn Coffee Pro is a self-contained purveyor of caffeine that hopes to eliminate: dropping $2.50/day on Starbucks drip; tossing out mountainous piles of paper cups; skipping or forgetting the only good thing about your morning because you were supposed to be at work 10 minutes ago; and falling asleep during boring meetings, lectures, and phone calls with people who Never. Stop Talking. Welcome the most amazing device that holds 16 oz. of your favorite brew  and maintains the perfect drinking temperature for 10 ours. or if your hungry and need a hard boiled egg it can do that too all from a battery. 

YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

by Yeti
The empty weight of YETI's forthcoming Hondo Base Camp Chair is a hefty 16-1/2 pounds. But I think its load-bearing capacity more than compensates for the additional load it imposes. During testing, the chair's breakpoint was over 3,000 pounds.
Meaning no butt on earth is going break a Hondo.
Correction: no human butt. I just Googled, "How much do elephants weigh?" and it's way, way more than 3,000 pounds. African bush elephants are the world's biggest and heaviest land animal, and they have clocked in at up to 23,000 pounds! And even that is only a fraction of the nearly 400,000 pounds some blue whales have weighed!
Not to detract from the Hondo Base Camp Chair's durability though. YETI still built it sturdy enough to hold the largest of our species. And the largest of the yeti species too for that matter.

PahaQue Tents and Visors

By: PahaQue Wilderness
If the rest of the camping and outdoors world only knew how lucky Teardrop owners were to have customizable flexibility to make additional room or covered space for bikes, boats, kitchens, showers, or just an entertainment space. We're tooting our own horns here and we know it But Pahaque is pretty awesome isn't it?

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