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Jeffrey Basford |

Last month, we gave you 5 great beach camping tips, and since it is full on beach camping season, we thought we would share a few more.   Beach camping can be tons of fun, but it does come with it’s own unique challenges.

1: Bring your  own shade.   While you always have the water to cool you off, there usually isn’t much natural shade when camping a the beach.   This means you’ll have to bring your own.  If you are tent camping, then a PahaQue Screen room or Cottonwood Sun Shelter will do the trick.    If you are camping in your travel trailer,  then PahaQue Custom makes shades, visors, canopies and awnings for a wide range of travel trailers.   Weather you have an A frame trailer, a Teardrop, and R-Pod, or something else.  These Shademakers will help you stay cool at the beach.


2: Watch the tides! If you are actually camping on the beach, you’ll want to make sure you are fully inland of high tide.   If you are tent camping, you could wake up to a tent full of saltwater, but if you are camping in a travel trailer, and wind up to close to the surf well…. You could  wind up stuck, and with extensive damage to your pride an joy.   There are several apps out there  that will help you track the tides.  Make sure you use one.

High tide can sneak up on you!


3: Steer clear of the dunes.  Dunes are natures barrier between the water and the inland areas.  They also have unique plant and animal species that  should be left alone.  So generally try to avoid the dune areas when beach camping.

Those plants in the dunes protect the beach.


4: Bring extra ice  We mentioned that there isn’t much shade, so it can be hard to keep your perishable items cool.   If you have a travel trailer, you may not have to worry about it.  But tent campers should always have some extra ice on hand, as that cooler won’t be as efficient when the shade is limited.

Extra Ice is always handy.


5: Stay hydrated. The sun and the wind will zap that water right out out of you.  And if you  go swimming  in the ocean you’ll become even more dehydrated.   The salty water of the ocean pulls the water right through your skin and  out of your body.  So you should start drinking early and often.   Those cans of beer and wine might be nice, but that don’t do as much to hydrate you as good old fashioned H20.  So be sure to drink plenty of it.

Keep yourself and the kids hydrated

So  we’ve shared  10 beach camping tips with you in the last few weeks.   What are your beach camping tips? Reach out to us on our Facebook page and tell us your tricks.

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