FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do your tents need to be waterproofed by the customer?
No. Our tents are made of waterproof material, and all seams are factory tape sealed.

How do I clean my tent?
We recommend warm water with a mild soap such as Nikwax Tech Wash, and a soft sponge. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach. Never put your tent in a dryer! Tent materials must be allowed to air dry completely in order to avoid mildew stains. Mildew is a tent's worst enemy and will cause irreversible damage. Mold and Mildew damage is not covered by warranty.

How do I care for my zippers?
Zippers can wear over time, but you can extend the life of your zippers by keeping them clean and inspecting them regularly. Compressed air is an excellent way to clean your zippers, along with a paintbrush or similar type brush. Zipper lubricant is also a good idea to have on hand and to apply a couple times per season. Silicon zipper lubricant spray is also recommended. Rubbing soap on the zipper chain is not recommended, as it tends to collect dirt and other debris which can lead to zipper deterioration.

Do I need to use guy lines?
You should always deploy all stakes and guy lines immediately after setting up your tent, even if the current conditions are calm. Stakes and guy lines are critical to proper performance - you never know when a gust of wind will sneak up.

Do your tents use real no-see-um mesh?
Yes. There is a difference between "no-see-um grade" and true, 24 stitch per inch, no-see-um poly mesh. PahaQue Wilderness always uses the highest-quality materials available.

What is included with your tents and shelters?
Everything you need to set up your shelter is included with every item we sell. Along with the tent or shelter body and pole set, we also include complete sets of ground stakes, guylines, carry bags, rainflies (where applicable), and other accessories. Please see our product descriptions for a complete list of included items.